Check Out These Vehicle Wrap Statistics!

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Check Out These Vehicle Wrap Statistics!

According to a recent study, the vast majority of shoppers surveyed recalled seeing vehicle wraps in the last few days. This is because you will invariably be exposed to mobile advertising as you are stuck in traffic or as you travel around Greensboro. This has inspired many businesses with small marketing budgets to consider vehicle wraps in Greensboro, NC.

It’s All About the Stats!

The numbers do not lie. According to research from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • Since it reaches more shoppers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other type of outdoor marketing, vehicle graphics are one of the most efficient and effective forms of outdoor advertising.
  • Based on Greensboro’s road networks and the size of the market, the average number of vehicle wrap views can reach upwards of 30,000 per day.
  • At an average cost of about fifteen cents, you can reach a thousand people with vehicle wraps in Greensboro, NC. To achieve this level of exposure, you would need to spend $11.66 on newspaper ads, $11.51 on a local television spot, and $5.92 for a radio ad.
  • Ads targeting vehicle passengers and motorists reach over 95 percent of Americans.

Vehicle WrapHere are some additional statistics you cannot afford to ignore:

  • You get immediate results out of your mobile marketing campaigns. In fact, 29 percent of consumers said they were motivated to act and visit a retailer they saw in an ad within seven days of seeing outdoor advertising.
  • 30 percent of shoppers make their buying decisions based on ads they see.
  • 49 out of 50 people surveyed said they notice ads on the sides of vehicles as they travel in their car.

The Reach of Vehicle Wraps Is Unparalleled

Traditional advertising methods are slowly going out of style because of their failure to influence people. With technology like satellite radio, ad blockers, and DVR growing in popularity, it is getting easier for us to avoid exposure to advertisements. Take these facts into consideration:

  • With vinyl wraps, audiences cannot change the channel like they can with TV and radio.
  • Compared to other advertising media, fleet vehicle marketing boosts your brand recognition fifteen times greater.
  • Mobile advertising reaches potential clients who are not exposed to newspapers, radio, or television.
  • When you choose vinyl graphics, your ads are not compared side-by-side to those of your rivals, as is the case with home mailers.

vehicle graphicsYou can place your messaging content or advertisements anywhere you want on your truck, car, boat, or van due to the versatility and technology of vehicle graphics.

A great advantage of fleet wraps and vehicle graphics is that there is a wide array of price points that fit any budget. For example, we can do a partial wrap of your vehicle or for a little more wrap the whole thing in a full vehicle wrap. While still allowing people inside of the vehicle to see out, we can even continue your message on your windows with “window perf” or perforated vinyl.

Spot graphics and vinyl lettering are the least expensive way to put your organization’s logo, contact information, and name on your fleet of work trucks.

At Gate City Signs & Graphics, the possibilities are virtually endless. If you want vehicle wraps for Greensboro, NC, please consider contacting us today for a free estimate.

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