Cable and Rod Display Systems


Cable and Rod Display Systems

Sign Suspension Is the Next Dimension!

Doesn’t your business signage deserve more than a nail in the wall? The obvious answer is YES! Our cable and rod display systems offer the strength and security to hold your largest displays AND enhance the appearance of any space.

Gate City Signs and Graphics is your business branding partner. We make it easy for you to show the world how exciting your business is. And we love to help you show off your company culture and vibe by decorating your environment.

Exciting Cable and Rod Display Systems

Ultra-modern cable and rod display systems are what’s hot in today’s business branding environment. Do you want to impress your company clients, industry vendors, and business partners? The look and feel of your business is essential when making an impression in today’s business climate. That’s why it’s important to look at every wall, every corner, every window, every ceiling, and every floor when branding your business.

If you want a high-end or European look, then we have your answer! Tension-based cable and rod systems can be used with a wide selection of materials.
• Metal
• Acrylic
• Glass
• Wood
• Composites

Blank = Boring

Yes, as a business owner, you need to look at every surface in your business facility as a branding opportunity. What do you want people to feel as they enter your lobby, pass through a hallway or walk around a corner? And how can you help create that feeling?

Cable and rod display systems offer a clean, unobtrusive, and contemporary way to display small to oversized photographs, banners, signs, shelving, and more. These displays also offer an additional architectural visual image that’s both attractive to the eye and strong and ridged enough to support a heavy load.
These systems are timeless and can work seamlessly with your existing office décor. And they can be mounted in a variety of ways to create the exciting look or dramatic effect that you want.
• Single wall mount
• Wall to wall
• Wall to floor
• Floor to Ceiling
• Ceiling to wall
• Ceiling mount

cable and rod display systems

Get Sophisticated with Your Signage

With the breadth of style and technology available today, it’s easy to make any business look sophisticated. And you can choose from artfully visible mountings or hidden mountings.
Cable and rod display systems are beautifully engineered and work well to exhibit a variety of applications in elegant fashion. You are only limited by your imagination!
• Posters
• Portraits
• Directory / wayfinding signage
• Hanging signs
• Store signage
• Shelf units
• Retail displays
• Storefront displays
• Tradeshow displays
• Office signage
• Art displays
• Room dividers
• Graphics
• Lighting
• Literature
• Graphics
• Brochures / leaflets
• And more!

BONUS: Cable and rod display systems can be electrified with low-voltage lighting for a sparkling focal point in your space and to achieve maximum effect!
We’ve heard our cable and rod display systems described as “smooth, sleek, sophisticated, stylish, light, airy, minimalistic, industrial, and pretty darn cool!”

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Need Sophisticated Cable and Rod Display Systems?
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