Cabinet Signs a Smart Choice for Greensboro NC Business Owners

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Cabinet Signs a Smart Choice for Greensboro NC Business Owners

Do you have a small marketing budget that you are hoping to get the most out of? Do clients have trouble finding your storefront? Or, are the companies surrounding you outshining your humble little venue? It may be time for you to consider cabinet signs for Greensboro, NC if any of these scenarios sound familiar. Gate City Signs & Graphics has plenty of experience creating cabinet signs for local enterprises. For more information on this excellent branding solution, read on!

How Cabinet Signs Are Made

Commonly referred to as electric sign cabinets, lightbox cabinet signs, and illuminated cabinets, these signs are built using top quality extruded aluminum and electrical components. To protect the cabinet sign from the North Carolina weather, durable paint and powder coating are applied. The acrylic or plastic push through elements used for the faces are what give these cabinets their signature appearance. For extra durability, we can also supply vacuum formed faces.

For the illumination source, we generally recommend light emitting diodes, or LEDs. This lighting option is slightly more expensive upfront, but they pay for themselves in decreased energy bills almost immediately. In addition. LEDs last for up to a decade or more of continuous use. This is good for the environment and cuts down on your maintenance costs. Plus, unlike other illumination sources, LEDs are unaffected by extreme temperatures.

Types of Cabinet Signs

There are many varieties of exterior building signs for Greensboro, NC. However, cabinet signs fall into three broad categories:

  • Cabinet Building Signs – Any kind of sign that is mounted directly to your facility is known as a building sign. The illuminated, one-sided cabinet flat mounted to your venue is the most requested type of cabinet building sign. To catch eyes, we apply digitally printed vinyl with sharp graphics and your branding to the acrylic face of the cabinet.
  • Pole Cabinet Signs – Pylon and pole signs are a smart way to rise above the competition. This monolithic design is used for information, primary site identification, and directions. They are highly visible and make a strong statement. This signage is perfect for businesses that have highway frontage.
  • Illuminated Cabinet Monument Signs – Everybody has seen the non-illuminated monument markers usually located near the entrance to a business’s parking lot. The same purpose is served with illuminated cabinet monument signs: they help consumers find your organization. If you are open after dark, an illuminated monument sign is a must.

Benefits of Cabinet Signs

Still not convinced that cabinet signs are right for your enterprise? Consider these benefits:

  • Lightbox cabinet signs can be moved if your business ever relocates
  • Cabinet signs are made to last for years upon decades
  • They help your company to be easily noticed at all hours of the day and night
  • There are several different display alternatives
  • No matter what size or shape you want, cabinet signs can be customized to fit your needs

If you are in need of cabinet signs, contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation and quote!

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