How to Extend Your Message Using Business Signs and Graphics

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How to Extend Your Message Using Business Signs and Graphics

Years ago, company image may have been limited to a logo, sign, business cards, and stationery. Boring. Today’s corporate brands are utilizing a wide variety of business signs and business graphics to promote their brand and market company culture. And if you’re not doing the same, you’ll find that your competitors will quickly leave you in the dust.

Use Business Signs to Market Company Culture

Business signs and graphics are a great way to market your company culture. What do you stand for? Answer this question, then set out to prove it.
Create a space that enables that culture. Does your company philosophy encourage fun, playfulness, seriousness or relaxation? Whatever your ethos is, find ways that business signs and graphics can extend your company logo, colors, and vibe to its surroundings. Creative business graphics for doors, walls, windows, floors, reception desks, ceilings, and more are great ways to promote your values.

Exciting spaces can energize your employees, increase performance, and improve job satisfaction. After all, your employees will be arriving to work surrounded by color, vibrancy, and life, rather than a traditional cubicle in a white-walled office space. So, make the extra effort to help your workers feel comfortable, inspired, and productive. Both you and your customers will reap the benefits of a happy work staff.
A welcoming entrance and waiting area can instill confidence in your guests and work wonders for your business. When your customers, business partners, and potential hires are greeted with the personality of your office space, they’ll arrive with a smile—and be ready to do business with you. Show your customers and partners who you are and why you’re different from the moment they walk through the door.

Add Business Graphics in Unexpected Places

Got a blank brick wall outside or inside your building? That’s the perfect spot to grab the attention of passersby. Every blank wall is an opportunity to market company culture in a new and exciting way. You can use wall graphics to create an eye-catching image that adds beauty to your surroundings and draws people into your office. Adding elements of color, fun, and nature to your environment with window graphics, wall graphics, and wall murals will create a positive effect on trust, relevancy, and creativity.
Inside your offices, create “we work” spaces that encourage employees to convene, socialize, brainstorm, collaborate, and exchange ideas. You can use graphics as a way to draw people into these gathering spaces, encouraging them to work together as a team, rather than apart. Your workplace will soon become a place of community partnership.

Take Your Business Graphics on the Road

Think beyond the exterior and interior walls of your office space. What happens when your employees are out conducting company business? Do your vehicles carry the same graphics and personality that represent your company culture? Studies have shown that drivers who repeatedly see a company’s vehicles on the road are more likely to trust that company. When your business is professionally represented on the road with vehicle graphics as well as you are on premises, your potential customers and employees will understand who you are and what you stand for. And they’ll want to be associated with you.

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