Branding Your Business with Custom Exterior Signage

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Branding Your Business with Custom Exterior Signage

Exterior Dimensional LettersCustomized exterior signage in modern architecture can help define the values and ethos of your company. It is one of the first items visitors see when they come into your business, and first impressions always count. External signage and branding are a critical part of any company’s marketing strategy and help reinforce your brand and draw attention to your business. 

There are several types of exterior signage that you can use to brand your business. They may be either ground-mounted or fixed to your building’s top or side, providing a consistent marketing impression and exposure to customers. Moreover, the reinforcement of your brand can potentially lead to direct sales. Overall, exterior facility branding offers the following benefits:

1: Outdoor Signage Helps People Locate Your Business

Outdoor signs work as a guide to direct customers to your outlet or shop. If your business is relatively new, exterior signage, such as a decorative post and panel, can be an excellent tool for attracting your audience and making them visit your business. Attractive signs with sticking messages can also create a strong impression in customers’ minds, which increases footfall and sales.

2: Make Your Business Stand Out

Digital marketing has significantly reduced the cost of advertisement. As a result, business competition has become fierce. As a business owner, establishing an edge over your competitors is essential. That’s why creatively-designed exterior signs come in handy. You can use attractive blade signs and cabinet signs strategically to help garner potential buyers’ attention and make your business stand out. 

3: Exterior Signs Are Your Silent Salesperson

Exterior signs are typically your silent salesperson when it comes to advertisement and business branding. They silently guide your consumers to your business by differentiating your brand to the masses. Even in today’s digitally-driven world, many people still consider exterior signs as the primary link between consumers and the company.

Most exterior signs have brand details mentioned on them, which further helps customers know your business better. Signboards, for example, serve as a unique display for your brand that is just as effective as other branding tools. You can also use them to launch a new product line, offers, or discounts. 

4: Creates a Persona for Your Business

The outdoor signage is the first thing customers see while passing by your store or business. People can learn a lot about your company by just reading your signboard. Exterior signage gives your business the first impression and plays a huge role in enticing consumers to step inside your store.

A thoughtfully designed signage installed in a high traffic area can increase your business’s visibility and create its persona. If you want to set a strong and positive foothold in the marketplace, investing in custom exterior signage and store boards is a great start.

5: Affordable Marketing Solution

Exterior signs are effective in cost-effectively branding your business compared to other means of advertisement. They are also effective in reaching out to a broader audience without going to them. A strategically placed exterior signage will put your brand in front of the masses and entice relevant consumers to visit your business. Since signboards are displayed 24×7 hours, they promise unhindered brand exposure.

Bottom Line

Overall, exterior signage is an essential part of your company branding and marketing. There are a variety of ways to achieve unique branded spaces. Contact our professional branding and wayfinding team to learn how you can strategically utilize exterior signage to brand your business, office, shop front, hotel, leisure center, restaurant, school, or university.

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