Branding Your Business: 3 Ways Signage can Enhance your Brand

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Branding Your Business: 3 Ways Signage can Enhance your Brand

Branding your business involves more than just a logo, products, and services. It’s a whole experience that takes a lot of work and innovation. Branding your business should encompass everything, including ads, social media, sales promotions, business website, and signage. With today’s advanced digital age, many businesses often overlook signage as a valuable aspect of retail experience. Overall, here are three ways signage can enhance your brand:

  1. Enhances Communication

Signage is typically your most visible form of communication. Windows graphics and outdoor signage can highly impact how your brick-and-mortar store performs. Signs do more than just informing. Your customers will make assumptions about your business based on the quality and attractiveness of your signs.

By complementing outdoor signage with way-finding design, you will significantly improve your brand exposure. This results in greater opportunities for repeat business and new customer acquisition. Similarly, low-quality signage can prevent customers from engaging with your business.

  1. Provides a Competitive Advantage

It’s always challenging to stand out in a sea of competition. High-quality signage can be the differentiator between customers choosing your brand or opting for your competitors. A unique and creative sign can draw customers from miles away and turn them into sales.

The location of your signage will also give your business a competitive advantage. Be sure to choose a location with high traffic and closer to your business to ensure maximum benefits. If you have adequate space, consider using creative monument signs with elements of masonry to help people to discover your business’ physical presence.

  1. Increases Brand Awareness and Sale Opportunities

Signage is a great way to drive brand recognition and improve sales opportunities. When your brand receives greater recognition, it will be easier for your business to positively influence perceptions and attitudes. Your customers will feel much connected with your brand, resulting in greater market share and repeat purchases.

Brands such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks have perfected the art of using quality signage to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Additionally, well-designed, quality signage styles such as three-dimensional lettering can make your brand really stand out and attract unplanned impulse stops. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, about 20 to 45 percent of business sales often emanate from impulse sales.

That is why you should place your signage in the right locations such as checkout counters to direct customers and trigger additional purchases. For windows facing high traffic areas, an etch window film signage can significantly drive dynamic messages that bring in more in-store sales.

Final Thoughts

To fully capitalize on signage, strive to create a narrative that vividly illustrates your company values. The narrative should be embodied in your signage and company branding. It’s the simplest way to cause customers to make a connection with your brand even before they step into your store. To remain compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, be sure to create ADA signs that are conveniently located and easy to read visually and through tactile touch. More importantly, work with a reputable signage and way-finding design company to help you create the right branding components and narrative. That way, your business will have a visual symbol that drives greater attention and improves sales.

View this quick video of multiple businesses and colleges we help to brand their facilities: 

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