BioLife Plasma Shines with New Exterior Building Sign in Greensboro NC

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BioLife Plasma Shines with New Exterior Building Sign in Greensboro NC

One of the most affordable ways to grab the attention of clients and market your enterprise at all hours of the day and night is with channel letters. Whether you are interested in halo or front lit letters, LED or neon illumination, or raceways or direct mounting, channel letter signs are a versatile building signage option. BioLife Plasma Services realized this, so they contacted the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics for channel letter signs for Greensboro, NC.

What Is BioLife Plasma?

BioLife Plasma Services is one of the top collectors of high quality plasma in the industry. The plasma they collect is processed into life-saving therapies. They operate several cutting edge plasma collection facilities throughout Austria and the United States. They are committed to the safety of their donors and patients.

When a business that provides such a valuable service to people in our community came to us for exterior building signs for Greensboro, NC, we were more than happy to help. BioLife needed channel letters, so they could stand out in their strip mall location on Yanceyville Street in Greensboro.

What We Did

We worked with BioLife’s vision, budget, and building manager to produce a large illuminated channel letter sign that would make their location easy to find at night and during the day. The letters are made from an aluminum housing with acrylic faces for the light to shine through. The aluminum letters are routed to the shape of the BioLife font. We applied transparent, digitally printed vinyl to the acrylic face of the logo, so that we could perfectly capture the colors and design.

The channel letters were mounted to a raceway, which contained all of the wiring and allows us to install the new sign with minimal impact to the façade of the building, a pleasing feature for the landlord. In the end, BioLife was completely satisfied with their new marker. We had another satisfied client!

The Many Options for Channel Letters

There are several styles to choose from when it comes to channel letter signs. For many business owners, picking what is best for your company can be confusing. This is why we listen closely to what you are hoping to achieve with your signage before making recommendations.

There are two main ways that the letters can be mounted: raceway and direct. Direct mounting is the ideal way to attach your channel letter sign directly to your building. An inner cavity within the wall houses the power supply to which the letters are wired. This produced a cleaner appearance. With raceways, the letters are mounted to a long aluminum box, which is then mounted to the venue. This is perfect for when direct mounting is prohibited by local codes or lease agreements.

BioLife chose a standard front lit channel letter sign, where the light shines through the front acrylic face. Another popular choice is halo, or reverse, lit channel letters. With these, the letters and faces are all made from high gauge aluminum, and the light comes out the back creating an elegant halo effect on the wall they are mounted to.

Are you interested in learning more about channel letter signs for your business? If so, contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free no-strings-attached consultation.

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