Best Uses for Interior Dimensional Letters in High Point NC

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Best Uses for Interior Dimensional Letters in High Point NC

As you visit organizations throughout High Point, you can’t help but notice the selection of dimensional letter signs that greet you. Dimensional letters are the perfect option when you want to get your message across in a distinguished way. In this entry, we are going to explore the best uses for interior dimensional letters in High Point, NC.

How to Use Dimensional Letters

You can use interior dimensional letters anywhere in your facility. Some of the most requested alternatives include:

  • Wayfinding Signage – Dimensional letter signs are the perfect way to fix any issues guests in your building may have with finding their way around. These wayfinding signs will jump out at visitors and show them where to go. This will also keep your already busy receptionist from having to constantly give directions.
  • Departmental Markers – Does your office suite or building have a variety of different departments? By clearly labeling different areas of your business, you will save time for customers and workers alike.
  • Display Your Mission Statement – Do you run a nonprofit? Or, does your business take pride in its mission or core values? Either way, you should display your values and mission statement to remind workers, donors, and guests of why you do what you do.
  • Reception Area Signs – With dimensional letter signs showcasing your corporate logo, fonts, and colors, you can boost your brand recognition while inviting customers into your suite. We can mount your letters with spacers to create an additional dimensional appearance.

Variety of Materials

At Gate City Signs & Graphics, we do not believe in treating every job the same. In fact, we know that your company is unique and needs to be approached as such. To cater to different tastes and interior decorating schemes, we provide a wide array of material options. Some excellent solutions include metal, wood, acrylic, PVC, and high-density urethane. They offer a one of a kind look with the play of light and shadows.

Keep Branding Consistent

lobby signUnless you are just starting out in the business world, you likely already have websites, newspaper ads, letterheads, and a broad range of marketing materials that already feature your branding. We can design your interior dimensional lettering for High Point, NC to match your existing branding. For example, we can adapt your dimensional letter signs to have the same typeface as the gothic lettering you may have on your exterior markers. As customers transition from the exterior to the interior of your venue, they will get a visually consistent experience.

How Are Dimensional Letters Mounted?

You should have your dimensional letter signs mounted permanently for the best results. Our letters are perfect for mounting on stone, bricks, concrete walls, and drywall. Lighter materials can be mounted with durable adhesives. On the other hand, stud mounting is recommended for heavier materials. We will find the most affordable alternative for installing your signage.

Are you ready to make your interior markers stand out? Contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on dimensional letters.

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