Benefits of Wall Panels and Graphics for Lobby Decor

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Benefits of Wall Panels and Graphics for Lobby Decor

Wall panels can have more impact on lobby esthetics than the walls themselves! “Your lobby is your front door,” says CEO Charles McClafferty. “It’s the first and last impression for your employees, tenants, and their customers.” If your lobby is outdated; “tired” looking, or doesn’t convey the feel that reflects your company’s attitude, give it new life with creative lobby graphics. Wall panels can do just that.

You Don’t Get a Second Chance at a First Impression

Your lobby should reflect your brand goals. ­­If you’re the property owner, what type of tenants are you seeking? If you are a company, what do you want potential clients to feel when they enter the lobby of your small business or large corporation? How creative do you want your lobby graphics to be?

Your lobby graphics need to be consistent with the building’s original architecture, especially if your company is housed in a historic property, according to “There are easy ways to blend in new and modern trends without being at odds with the original design.”

Types of Lobby Wall Panels

One wall panel manufacturing company divides wall panels into three “types,” and these categories best speak to the benefits of well-designed, thoughtful lobby graphics:

  1. Walls That Welcome – This décor is located in a primary space; atrium, conference room, lobby, main corridor, office. Characteristics include:
    • Accessibility and transparency
    • Complimentary
    • Harmonious
    • Warm, hospitable
  2. Walls That Work – Secondary spaces can be break rooms, dining rooms, patient rooms, workout areas, restrooms, waiting rooms. You’ll want these wall panels to be:
    • Durable
    • Easy-to-clean
    • Safe and secure
    • Useful
  3. Walls That Wow – These are feature walls, and should have one or more characteristics:
    • Artistic
    • Attention-getting
    • Dynamic and impactful
    • Elegant
    • Impressive

An investment in interior wall graphics shows you are invested in your employees, your community, and your brand. Contact or call 336-617-8823 and ask your Gate City Signs & Graphics professionals about the types of wall panels, lobby signs, and graphics we recommend. We have plenty of ideas that can be customized to work for your brand, and all of them will generate invaluable, tangible benefits.

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