Banners, Posters and Vinyl Graphics for Your College or University

Banners, Posters and Vinyl Graphics for Your College or University

Wall MuralWe take pride in the fact that we live and work in one of the most educated areas of the country. Both Greensboro and Winston-Salem are home to a high concentration of colleges and universities. Lately, Gate City Signs & Graphics has been getting a lot of requests for banners, posters, and vinyl graphics for colleges and schools. Read on to learn about some of the interesting ways in which these institutions of higher learning are using these signage solutions.

Banners Can Be Used Year after Year

There are certain events that occur at a set time each year that can be promoted with large, digitally printed banners. For instance, in the fall, giant banners are the perfect way to welcome students back. Or, if you need to announce the dates and times of annual fairs or orientation events, vinyl cut banners are the best alternative. We can easily change out the dates and times on your signs, while still using the same banner year in and year out.

Custom Posters Are More Affordable than Ever Before

Due to advances in digital printing technology in the last few years, it is no longer cost prohibitive to have several unique posters printed in full color. Our large format digital printers can create posters of any size to announce collegiate programs, provide safety information, help engender school spirit, foster a level of respect for fellow students, and several other purposes.

Vinyl Graphics Are Taking the Signage Industry by Storm

The heavy duty vinyl produced by the leading manufacturers these days, such as Oracal, Avery Dennison, and 3M, is virtually indistinguishable from paint. One of the most popular uses for this branding tool is wayfinding wall murals. In addition to being exciting, it can be anxiety inducing when students enter a college building for the first time. By using vibrant, sharp graphics, you can direct people to the appropriate rooms and reduce stress.

Floor Graphics Take Advantage of the New Eye Level

Floor graphics are another smart way to show students how to get to administrative offices and classrooms. To build school spirit, these graphics can be in the form of the mascot’s footprints, including the tracks of Spiro the Spartan of UNC Greensboro. The floor is the new eye level as more and more students stare down at their cell phones. Floor graphics will get their attention.

These are just some of the popular options for banners, posters, and vinyl graphics for colleges and schools in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC. Many universities are also using vinyl to decorate classrooms, cafeterias, student centers, and more with mascots, popular landmarks, and logos.

When you contact Gate City Signs & Graphics, our friendly professionals take care of every step of the process. Even if you just have a general idea of what you need, we will work with your vision and budget to come up with proofs for you to choose from. Once you are happy with your designs, we print them out and install them to make a big impression.

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