Architectural Displays for Your Office

architectural displays

Architectural Displays for Your Office

Many businesses today are opting for a more industrial appearance when it comes to their signature company signage. Architectural displays are a great way to build personality into your signs as well as make the hanging system part of the look or feature of the display.

Architectural Displays — Cable Systems

Architectural Cable Display Systems are a sleek, contemporary sign design that adds a modern touch to any business. These hanging cable display systems can be installed in a variety of ways to create corporate displays, marketing exhibits, as well as motivational and team signage.
To achieve more of a sophisticated, architectural impact, the Cable Display System provides companies with an engineered look. For example, parallel cables run between the ceiling and floor to provide a modern display for hanging objects.
Cable Display Systems can also be constructed to hold a single display or multiple displays. The cable hanging systems can be used with acrylic, metal or glass backing materials for your signage. Gate City Signs and Graphics can use either transparent nylon or stronger steel cables for your display.
Use these architectural displays to showcase your business or corporate signage.
• Posters
• Literature
• Graphics
• Wall signs
• Retail signs
• Museum signage
• Realtor displays
• Mounted signs
• Bulletin boards
• Art galleries
• Glass panels
• Room dividers
• Floating glass shelves
• Wayfinding signage
• ADA signs
• And more!

Architectural Displays — Rod Hanging Display Systems

Stainless Steel Rod Hanging Display Systems work well for heavier signage displays, and gives your presentation a modern, clean, elegant look. The Rod Hanging Display System utilizes stainless steel or aluminum, and it is the strongest hanging system available today.
Rod Hanging Display Systems are also available with a track rail system that provides functionality to an otherwise stationary display. The track system can be mounted to your company’s floor, wall or ceiling for optimum signage presence.
A Rod Hanging Display System works well in many environments.
• Retail shelving displays
• Bar/restaurant shelving displays
• Room dividers
• Glass displays
• And more!

Architectural Displays — Suspended Sign Systems

If your venue is a large building with tall ceilings, you may want to opt for suspended sign systems that will make your message visible from any distance.
Suspended sign systems work well in a variety of spaces for wayfinding, ADA, and other directional signage.
• Airports
• Restaurants/bars
• Clubs
• Sporting arenas
• Corporate buildings
• Big box stores
• Event centers
• Hotels
• And more!

At Gate City Signs and Graphics, our knowledgeable and experienced staff are available for all of your design and installation needs. We will see your sign project through from start to finish.

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