Standard vs. Brushed vs. Polished Aluminum Signs

Standard vs. Brushed vs. Polished Aluminum Signs

Today’s modern businesses are going rustic with their décor and signage. Combining materials, such as wood, stone, and metal are HOT trends that don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. And these design factors are pulling people in!
So, what do you need to know when it comes to incorporating aluminum signs into your business signage?

Metal signs area available in many materials, and aluminum signs are the most popular. It’s both trendy, versatile, professional, and easy to keep clean. In the aluminum family, you can choose from metal finishes that include standard, brushed, and polished (reflective) aluminum to achieve a variety of effects.

Aluminum signs can be used in a wide variety of applications:
• Offices
• Lobbies
• Entrances
• Reception areas
• Waiting rooms
• Hallways
• Bathrooms
• Dimensional lettering and logos
• Directional signs
• Commercial and industrial applications
• Post and panel signs
• Traffic signs
• And more!

Metal signs can be mounted, hung, posted or framed—and they can be used both inside and outside in all kinds of weather. Gate City Signs and Graphics can custom fabricate most any sign you can dream up. Let’s look at your options…

Standard Aluminum Signs

Standard aluminum signs offer the advantage of a two-sided message. Standard aluminum signs are made of two thin aluminum sheets that are sandwiched between a reinforced plastic called polyethylene. This core resists bending and warping and provides more strength to the overall sign than aluminum can do on its own.

The great benefit of standard aluminum signs is that you get a long-lasting sign plus the expensive look of solid metal. You can also choose the background color for your sign. So, if you’d like a solid black or white metal sign, we can print it in a glossy or matte finish. And if you want to match your logo color, we can do that too!

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Our high-quality brushed aluminum signs provide both an industrial and modern look. If you want a sign that looks ultra-professional and has a long durability, then this is the sign for you! The metal material here is a bit thicker, and therefore it is also a little heavier than standard aluminum.

These aluminum signs are brushed only on one side, so they can only be printed on one side. For this reason, brushed aluminum signs are typically mounted on a wall or other surface. We can print on your brushed aluminum sign with any ink color except white, and the unprinted areas will appear as brushed metal (instead of a solid color in the standard aluminum sign).

Polished Aluminums Signs

Polished aluminum signs, as suggested, have a reflective and mirror-like finish. As with any of aluminum signs, polished aluminum can be laser cut to create any shape or design. Gate City Signs and Graphics can provide polished aluminum shaped signs as well as individually cut aluminum letters.


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