Add Some Flair to Your Walls with a Custom Mural

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Add Some Flair to Your Walls with a Custom Mural

A NY Times article once proclaimed, “A picture on the wall? Why not do the whole wall?” Thanks to the digital age, custom wall murals and graphics have moved way beyond those spliced-together pieces of wallpaper – you could usually see the seam somewhere in-between the foliage. Not only can you customize your children’s bedrooms with their own artwork, professionally magnified, but you can also enhance your business décor with accent art or turn a wall into a room’s focal point. The wallpaper Melbourne can be breathtaking.

Revitalize Spaces and Places

Businesses, sports arenas, and educational facilities can especially utilize wall murals and graphics because they are so easily replaced. The championship University swim team of 2004 can be updated with the football conference champs of 2017. Wall graphics simply take you far beyond the day of framed, oversized prints and into the age of digital décor. You can go big. “Crazy big,” says the Times. You see interior custom wall graphics and murals everywhere, almost every day:

  • Government buildings
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail businesses
  • Schools
  • Service industries

The purpose of a wall mural is to set a mood (pride in your school), send a message (Our patient-care is excellent), or create a need (Relax at our spa). Think of them as advertising billboards for rooms rather than roads. This artistic way of “advertising” can send a powerful message or fuel a desire:

  • Bring a smile to a fearful patient
  • Celebrate an event, season, or milestone
  • Comfort those facing difficult challenges
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Create a sense of accomplishment in the workplace
  • Display humor
  • Encourage positive action
  • Extol your company’s ethics and culture
  • Focus attention on a particular product or service
  • Influence purchasing decisions
  • Reassure clients
  • Show pride in your achievements

No Boundaries

The only limitation to this kind of art is your imagination! Your home or business can come to life as never before when you decorate with custom wall murals.

Do you have ideas? We do, too! Gate City Signs & Graphics can personalize your home or business and bring your ideas to life. Call 336-617-8823 or contact us for more information.

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