A Quick Guide to Custom Lobby Signs and Graphics

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A Quick Guide to Custom Lobby Signs and Graphics

Few would admit it, but it’s a bit stressful to be fairly certain you’re in the right building but completely lost. And you aren’t that positive you’re even in the right building. Then you see a sign. The anxiety of doubt disappears as you learn you are in the right building, even if you’re on the wrong floor, and you need to take an elevator up two flights, exit, and turn left.

It’s just a sign, but it can do so much!

Location, Location, Location

Lobby graphics are nothing new, but in this age of instant information, they manage to take up where your GPS leaves off. Until they release an interior building navigator app, lobby graphics and signs are still the best way to make an impression and give others information.

Your strategically placed, 3D lettering with a hint of light illuminating them speaks volumes! It says you are not only here now, but you also are well established, and you’re here to stay. Some lobby signs speak to permanence as nothing else can.

Everyone’s in such a hurry! Don’t want to be late! A map of your building and its offices or an index of service locations is another type of lobby graphics that keep people moving in the right direction.

Affordability is a Factor

A savvy businessperson budgets for several types of advertisements; for example, there’s signage to lure potential clientele and signage to reassure them they’ve made the right choice. Depending on your product or service, your sign can reflect your brand and your company’s integrity without going over budget.

You need to set aside time to review colors and options; solid gold letters are going to cost a bit more than those with a metallic facing! You can review your sign company’s gallery online, but there’s only so much you can do on the internet; make a face-to-face appointment to see examples and get pricing estimates up front before you make a final decision.

Call 336-617-8823 or contact Gate City Signs & Graphics for more information. Lobby graphics are an investment, and you may discover you can afford exactly what you want.

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