7 Trade Show Tips to Get Noticed in High Point NC

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7 Trade Show Tips to Get Noticed in High Point NC

If you regularly exhibit at the High Point Market or any of the other trade shows in the area, you know it can be tough to get a high ROI on the time, money, and resources you put into your booth. On the other hand, with a little preparation and attention to detail, you can ensure your convention experience is a success. With that in mind, Gate City Signs & Graphics has put together 7 trade show tips for High Point, NC.

1. Learn from the Best

When many entrepreneurs are preparing for their first trade show, they tend to just focus on themselves. We suggest you take a different approach. Look to the leaders of your industry and see what they are doing. This could mean taking some time out at the event to just walk around and observe the top dogs.

2. Create an Interactive Experience

Attendees will stay and an audience will form when you can make your product or service interactive. But, you may not be able to display all brands. If you can find a way to allow event-goers to interact with your product, you will generate interest and people will get a better understanding of your value proposition.

3. Scheduled Pre-Show Meetings

Market your enterprise pre-show by using your trade show display. This is where a lot of success begins. About a month or two before the show, many businesses will reach out to event goers. Before the show even starts, set up meetings with them at your booth. And, do not make it about selling. You are there to network. Sales will follow.

4. Make Your Booth an Experience

Consider creating an experience if you can’t show off your business’s offerings in an interactive way. For example, there is a local bank that has “smoothie bikes” at every event we see them at. Basically, you can make your own smoothie in a blender that is rigged to a stationary bike. What does that have to do with banking? Nothing, but they always have a crowd at their booth.

5. It’s All about the First Impression

Research shows that our first impression of someone is formed in a tenth of a second. When it comes to websites, it only takes a fifth of a second, and 94 percent of the impression is design related. Therefore, creative trade show displays give you a huge edge at an expo.

6. Use Your Best Staff Members

Have your best employees on hand and turn it into a fun competition for leads. Before the conference, you need to be sure everyone is on the same page as far as strategy goes, but have a nice prize for the top lead-getter.

7. Follow up Quickly on Leads

The longer you wait to follow up on leads, the more likely they are to forget who you are. So, get back to them fast.

These are just a few of the ideas our friendly experts came up with. We are ready to help you make your trade show exhibit a success. Contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on trade show displays and graphics for High Point, NC.

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