5 Ways Environmental Branding can Benefit your Business

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5 Ways Environmental Branding can Benefit your Business

Branding is all about defining how your audience experiences your business. Unlike your social media page, website, or product/service, your workspace is where your brand really comes to life and showcases who you truly are as an organization. Through environmental branding, businesses get the benefits of a highly visual workspace. From lobby signs to wall murals and wall graphics to etch window film (privacy film), there are several ways of fusing your brand into your facility.

Environmental branding typically allows you to use your available space to tell your story in a more tangible way and to make a meaningful impact on both your employees and customers. Overall, here are the benefits of environmental branding for businesses:

  1. Strengthens your Brand Awareness and Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Environmental branding makes a greater impact on your clients by immersing them into “your world.” When visitors walk into your space, you’ll effectively grab their attention away from their gadgets and leave a lasting impression. You can create a branded environment by strategically positioning brand elements such as wall graphics, furnishings, fixtures, way-finding/directional signage, wall logos/lettering (3-Dimensional Lettering), and much more. This helps to create an immersive and engaging experience that vividly communicates your brand message to everyone.

  1. Environmental Branding Tells your Company’s Story

Presenting your company’s story in a visual, tangible way makes it more impactful. Environmental branding is a great way to tell your company’s story as new employees will get a stronger sense of your organization’s flavor, and what you stand for during the on-boarding process. It also helps guests understand everything you do and enlightens new team members about the development side of your business.

When you host events or give tours of your company, your environmental branding will have an indirect benefit of conveying your story to everyone who enters. You can also use digital displays or wall graphics to add visuals to your story and provide a big picture overview of your endeavors and every process your business has gone through.

  1. Provides a Powerful Marketing or Re-branding Tool

If you’re running a new marketing campaign or doing any re-branding, you’ll need a powerful way to communicate your vision. By incorporating your vision and who you are as an organization into your workspace, you can effectively reinforce your brand experience. Typically, combining your business strategy with your work environment can help define and differentiate your brand and enhance its reputation.

  1. Cultivates Company Culture

Environmental branding is also a great way to convey your company’s culture. This especially, is a critical consideration when you need to hire new employees and embed them into that culture. You can also utilize environmental branding to reinforce your business culture to your current employees. To achieve that, you can communicate directly through your company mission statement and values or take a more subtle approach through visual communication.

Alternatives to this basic concept may include listing some of your company’s core values on a wall graphic or display, or utilizing graphics that contain key quotes or buzzwords that help to capture your company’s culture.

  1. Creates a Coherent Office Design

Finally, embracing environmental branding can pay dividends in terms of helping your design consultant or office fit-out expert to create a more visually coherent workplace. By designing around your company brand, you can get a clear basis for alignment. For example, when it comes to choosing the right color scheme for the office, your established brand colors can play a vital role. Overall, creating a design that is coherent and in line with your established marketing and branding principles will help reaffirm a sense of identity, purpose, or belonging among staff.

As you can see, environmental branding is a great way to convey your messages to guests and employees as they arrive on your property. It has the ability to leave a lasting impression and make your brand instantly recognizable. To see how we have helped other businesses achieve successful environmental branding watch the video below!

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