5 Benefits of Wall Wrap Graphics For Your Business

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5 Benefits of Wall Wrap Graphics For Your Business

Wall wrap graphics are an excellent way to update your interior and differentiate your business. If you aren’t familiar with wall wrap designs, they’re a growing trend in interior signage that continues to gain in popularity across North Carolina. Wall wrap graphics used for business can offer many benefits including bringing both branded design and texture to an otherwise plain wall space.

Using something like 3M wall wrap vinyl enables businesses to create a specific environment, share information with customers or motivate employees. From adding customised branding to your walls or showcasing product images, Gate City Signs and Graphics can work with you to help bring the walls to life inside your Greensboro business.

Why Use Wall Wrap Designs and Graphics?

If you need concrete examples of how your business can thrive when you make the most of your wall space, keep reading to learn more about five specific benefits.

1. Building a great first impression.

The right wall wrap graphics will leave every one of your guests feeling impressed the minute they walk through the door. In order to ensure that your wall wrap designs improve your brand reputation and support your customer’s experience, be sure to work with a knowledgeable sign company that can help you pick the most effective colors and design as well as ensure it gets properly installed.

2. Effective use of marketing dollars.

Installing 3M wall wrap vinyl is considered a relatively low-cost marketing option in return for a durable, long lasting result. Painted walls tend to have to be repainted much more frequently, and you just can’t get the same branded options or powerful images that you can from wall graphics.

3. Durability.

Wall wrap graphics are created to be long lasting and durable. At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we use top quality 3M vinyl that stands the test of time. If you’re looking for a durable interior branding option, wall graphics can handle everyday wear and tear better than paint.

4.Flexible and customisable.

Wall graphics can be customised to reflect your brand aesthetic as well as to suit your specific wall space. In addition, they aren’t limited to a specific location and can be added to offices, lobbies, conference rooms, and really, to just about any wall you’d like.

5. An added sales tool.

Since color can have a direct impact on feelings and emotions, why not use wall wrap designs to connect with prospective customers and help them feel more confident in doing business with you. Your wall graphics can include images and key selling features for top products or inspiring details about your company values and service commitments. Both options help make it clear that your business is ready to help customers with what they need.

Let Gate City Signs and Graphics Make The Most Of Your Walls

Gate City Signs and Graphics has the experience needed to create high quality wall wrap graphics as well as any other signage your Greensboro business might need to help you stand out from the crowd. From wrapped walls to outdoor building signs, great signage goes a long way in supporting business success. To find out more about how your walls can work for you, contact us and let’s discuss your options.

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