5 Benefits of Custom Monument Signs

Lit Exterior Monument Sign

5 Benefits of Custom Monument Signs

Custom monument signs have been embraced by many smart businesses and organizations to brand their operations. These freestanding signs are usually placed in front of parks, shopping centers, commercial buildings, neighborhoods, developments, or campuses. Monument signs are mounted on a permanent base such as a concrete block on the ground. Although the signs are detached from the main buildings, their construction involves a great deal of masonry that makes them sturdy and substantial. Here are five reasons why you should consider using custom monument signs in branding your business.

1: Builds a Unique Brand

Signs in general play a vital role in marketing campaigns; they help create that first impression about your company in the viewer’s mind. You can easily customize your business branding efforts in such a manner that you create a memorable first impression in your customer’s minds. These signs are monumental as the name suggests, so your existing and future customers are more likely to remember your brand and business every time they see the sign or even something similar to it.


The customization portion allows you to weave your business’s personality and creativity into the graphics and colors on the sign. For addition consistency, you can replicate the same imagery on your brochures, business cards, and online platforms so you can continue building a credible brand.

2: Low Maintenance

The masonry involved in creating the base of a custom monument sign and the other sturdy materials you’ll choose to use must be strong. While the monument sign should look clear, enticing, and informational, it must be built with solid materials that can withstand harsh weather elements.

In other words, creating a custom monument sign to market your business provides you with a worry-free brand-building opportunity. Even monument signs with illuminated LED lighting require limited maintenance while still grabbing the attention of your target market on the daily. Monument signs will serve you for several years with minimal maintenance requirements. With a custom monument sign, you’ll be able to instill a sense of confidence in your customers while leaving a lasting impression.


3: Versatile

Custom monument signs give you ample room to try out a wider range of branding elements. For instance, you can incorporate company colors, motto, typeface, and logo within the monument sign. There is a lot of room for inspiration and creativity when it comes to design. For example, you can choose a red brick if it matches your business premises’ architecture.

Detailed, wooden monument sign located outside of a neighborhood development

4: Visible

Unlike other sign ideas such as billboards, a custom monument sign is mounted at eye level. This means that they are clearly visible to both pedestrians and motorists. A monument sign will deliver a unique type of branding that is hard to miss. If you want to capture more attention from the passersby when it’s dark outside, you can incorporate illumination in your sign, and be rest assured that your branding is visible day and night.


5: Flexible

Regardless of your location or budget, you can find a monument sign that’ll serve your business perfectly. Furthermore, even with a limited marketing budget, you can still combine changeable letter sets and other signage elements to make your sign unique. Consider asking about faux brick or stone or adding dynamic LED illumination to make the sign look bright and beautiful.


It’s interesting to see people, especially out-of-town drivers, relying on monument signs as landmarks when visiting new places. Imagine how impressive it’ll feel to know that people often use your business’s monument sign to provide direction!

Once your sign is permanently ingrained in the minds of your community and potential customers, the sky is the limit for your investment.  A custom monument sign gives your business unique exposure that makes it stand out from the crowd. You can never go wrong with custom monument signs!

Informational and directional monument sign located on the Guilford College campus

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