4 Ways to Stand Out with Trade Show Displays

4 Ways to Stand Out with Trade Show Displays

As a small or medium-sized business owner, preparing for a marketing event, festival, or trade show can feel scary and frustrating. There are so many options to consider for outdoor displays, and picking the right combination is not always a walk in the park. You need to first find the specifics of the event or trade show and, if possible, contact the organizers to get the details of the expected visitors and the overall layout of the area you’ll be exhibiting in.

You also need to be sure of the size of the display table you’ll have, and whether or not there will be a wall space for your company signage. Find out if there are any electrical outlets and anything else you might need for your pop-up displays, modular displays, graphic backdrops, and other outdoor displays that require electricity. Overall, here are four ways to stand out with your trade show display:

1- Use Pop-up Displays

Pop-up displays comprise of a flexible panel attached to an accordion-style frame that seamlessly expands and locks into position to create a curved or angled wall. This is a great way to create a back wall for your exhibition booth without spending a fortune. Pop-up displays are also lightweight and easy to transport and set up. Even if you’re doing multiple shows, pop-up displays are cost-effective and appear more professional.

2- Set Up Modular Displays

Similar to panel display systems, modular displays have many parts and can be configured in different ways. However, they are much lighter, just like pop-up displays, making them easy to transport and set up. Modular trade show displays are a smart and cost-effective option if you’re planning to attend multiple events with different booth space requirements. Moving from a 10×20 booth in one show to a 10×10 booth in another show can be challenging if you use panel displays. Modular displays allow you to use the same graphics and display components in both booth configurations.

3- Get Graphic Backdrops

Graphic backdrops can create amazing backgrounds and textures that add depth, interest, and detail to your booth layout. They’ll be the smartest-working displays in your exhibition booth. You can simply use pipe and drape displays with a metal frame and a fabric drape to create a simple backdrop that will make your display booth stand out.

4- Custom Booth Displays

Last but not least, you can use custom booth displays to outwit your competitors at the event or trade show. Custom booth displays have become a favorite choice for trade shows, sporting events, and festivals, thanks to the flexibility they provide.

Custom booth displays give exhibitors the freedom and flexibility to design and create a true representation of their brand. They provide maximum impact at events and trade shows, which helps to increase traffic and maximize your ability to meet your exhibiting goals. Consider custom booths with high-quality fabric graphics that are printed with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure your booth stands out.

Additionally, you could consider attractive tabletop displays and banner stands to make your exhibition booth stand out. They work great for events with limited booth space to showcase larger signs. Table-top displays, in particular, present a smaller version of panel or pop-up displays, but are strategically designed to fit a tabletop.

Depending on your event organizer or vendor, you may have a lot more options when it comes to displays. Of course, you can always get a custom trade show display solution created just for your business, with the option to combine multiple display types. Contact us today to discuss the various trade show display options available and take your next exhibition to the next level.

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