4 Must-Have Tenant Signs for Property Managers in Greensboro NC

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4 Must-Have Tenant Signs for Property Managers in Greensboro NC

There are certain things that tenants look for as they consider where they are going to locate their business. For instance, there are signs that management companies, on-site rental agents, and landlords can offer that will make it easier for organizations to transition into their new location. When you make moving in easier, it goes a long way toward minimizing vacancies and maximizing occupancy. This means less impact on your cap rate, which as experts like Roofstock explain is a crucial part of maintaining profits when renting out property investments.

As a rental property owner, there are various things you have to consider when reaching out to potential tenants. One way to ensure your tenants are who they claim to be, is by running a background check about the applicant, including their previous rental history and any criminal convictions. If you do not perform a background check on tenants, you run the risk of putting the safety and security of your rental property, and any other tenants who share that property, at risk.

But what can landlords do to ensure their properties are well advertised? Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the area’s top suppliers of tenant signs for property managers in Greensboro, NC. Here are some of the more popular signage solutions landlords use to entice new occupants.

1. Window Graphics and Lettering

Window graphics

Storefront windows are one of the best marketing tool available to businesses located in ground floor level offices. When your tenants move into your strip mall or other commercial facilities, they are going to need window graphics and lettering to share their company information, including their name, hours of operation, contact information, and more. For a small investment, you can list window graphics among the perks you offer new occupants on your property.

2. Post and Panel Signs

One of the most cost-effective exterior freestanding signage alternatives on the market is post and panel sign systems. They are typically found near parking areas and are important for giving clear directions. For instance, if you are trying to lease a suite that is far from the main entrance to your complex, you might offer to install this type of sign to improve wayfinding. Post and panel signs can also be used for primary identification purposes, and are often made with steel pipe to support them. You can get help finding steel pipe for the signs, or leave it to us to ceate the sign for you. If you have multiple entrances to your complex, list the businesses that are closest to each entrance.

3. Dimensional Letter Building Signs

When possible, your tenants will likely prefer to have their name on the exterior of the space they are renting. Dimensional letter building signs provide an affordable way to do that. Dimensional letters can be installed directly on the building, or you can minimize drilling into the façade by having the letters installed on a panel first.

4. Cabinet Sign Refacing

Do you have a large pole cabinet sign that features different panels for each of your tenants? Offer to have the sign updated with each new business’s branding. We can easily remove the old panel and replace it with the new one. You might also consider using “For Lease” panels as placeholders when units are vacant.

These are just a few of the signage perks you could offer to new tenants to keep your facilities at maximum capacity. Another benefit to you as the property manager is that you have control over the look of your campus. You can ensure that there are not any signs that would appear unprofessional or otherwise reflect poorly upon your building. Many landlords go for a consistent look to show that they pay attention to detail and to assist with branding.

If you would like to learn more about tenant signs for property managers in Greensboro, NC, talk to the signage professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics. We will happily discuss your budget and goals with you and perform a site survey before giving you our expert advice. For a free consultation, contact us today!

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