3 things to Look for in the Installation of Vehicle Wrap

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3 things to Look for in the Installation of Vehicle Wrap

Proper installation is one of the key elements that sets apart a good vehicle wrap from a bad one.  

There are three key things to look for in a bad wrap:

The first, and sometime the most visible, are air bubbles and creases.  With today’s high-quality wrap films, such as 3M and Avery, having air release technology on the adhesive side, and a properly trained certified installer can completely eliminate most, if not all, air bubbles and creases from vehicle wraps.

Bubbles and creases in vehicle wraps

However, preventing creases can be a bit more challenging, and are usually the results of the wrap film being applied to a compound curve incorrectly.  However, with a properly trained and experience installer, these creases can be eliminated, and in some cases, the vehicle graphics can appear to be painted on the vehicle.

The second thing to look for in a good vehicle wraps compare to a bad one is the trimming. If the vehicle wrap does not have clean cuts around door handles, lights, emblems, etc. it will ruin the appearance of an otherwise great looking wrap.

Improper Trimming of vehicle wrapsThe trimming is often times the last step in the vehicle wrap and if not careful, can be rushed and done sloppy. With today’s knife less tapes these  job can done well without having to worry about cutting the clear coat and paint below the vinyl.

misalignment of vehicle graphicsLastly, but not the least, is misalignment and improper placement of vehicle wraps, and probably the most crucial aspect of a vehicle wrap.  Taking notes of where words, logos, phone numbers, web addresses, and other graphics will fall in regards to the wheel wells, door handles, bumper, lights, etc. on the vehicle.  It also involves making sure no elements are too low or high on the vehicle. Especially to the extreme of running off the vehicle. If the vehicle wrap is designed properly this shouldn’t be a problem.  If critical elements of the wrap design are lost when installed, it will mean that a portion if not all of the wrap would have to printed again. causing your profit margin on the job, possibly even losing money.

These are just three things to keep in mind when looking for the difference between a professional installation and a poor installation of a vehicle wrap.

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