3 Places to Use Retractable Banners Stands Beyond the Trade Show

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3 Places to Use Retractable Banners Stands Beyond the Trade Show

Most companies only use their retractable banner stands for trade shows, conventions, expos, and other events. The banners are then removed after the event and put into storage until they are needed again. Since retractable banner stands are excellent at sharing your message just about anywhere, we believe they are an underutilized branding resource. To help you get the most out of your signage, here are 3 places to use retractable banner stands in Greensboro, NC.

1. In a Lobby

The perfect way to put your banner stands to regular use is to display them in your lobby. This welcomes guests in and lets them know they have found the right place. It is also a way to add a splash of color to your interior design without installing anything permanent or expensive. In addition, if your décor changes or you get tired of the artwork, you can just change out the banner. This is much less expensive than redecorating your entire office.

When they use pull-up banners, Greensboro, NC business owners can also add directional cues to their lobby. For instance, if there are multiple tenants or departments within your building, a banner can list the different suites and their locations.

2. Inside a Business to Showcase Services

A big menu board behind your reception desk may make clients think you are running a fast food restaurant instead of a contractor business. Yet, you still want to get your services across to consumers in an easy to understand way. This is where retractable banner stands can help. They pass along information with sharp, full-color graphics while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Our banners can be designed to include your organization’s logo, colors, and fonts to reinforce your branding.

3. In a Retail Store to Advertise Products

Wall graphics are an excellent solution for promoting a new seasonal line or showing the way to different departments. Yet, there may be circumstances where wall graphics cost too much for your budget, your landlord will not let you use wall graphics, or you just need a display for a short time period. This is where banner stands come in handy for marketing products in retail stores and malls.

Retailers often place their banners near points of sale (POS) as a way to attract attention to specific goods. You can also list some features and benefits of your products. This is an especially important tool if you sell certain items that shoppers are prone to purchase impulsively. You can also turn consumers on to your rewards programs or store credit cards.

This is just a small sampling of the many ways our customers use retractable banner stands to their advantage. Please let us know if you have other ideas in mind. We want to turn your ideas into a reality.

Please contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free quote if you would like more information about how to use banners for trade show and non-trade show purposes. We have high-quality solutions for every purpose. 

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